Here we go again…

Well, here we go again. I’m starting another website/blog thing. But this time I think it’s going to work and I’ll tell you why. It sounds simple and obvious, but this time I went ahead and got my name as a domain name.

That matters because in the past it was always me trying to somehow tie the blog into my business somehow, or more recently when I set something up at (@actualgabe being my Twitter handle). Somehow this always seemed to constrain me, to limit what I felt like writing about. It’s tough enough to get started writing without throwing in more resistance, so I finally said what the heck and got, and it feels right.

I resisted getting my name as a domain name because my last name is difficult to spell and I guess I unconsciously thought it would make it hard for people to remember. But that was just another constraint I was putting in my way.

This blog is for me to write about whatever I feel like writing about, and if it’s interesting enough, people will find it. Heck they might even remember how to spell my last name. As for how to pronounce it, I could just say what my dad says when anyone asks him: “however you like”. But I won’t be ornery, I’ll tell you how I say it: loo-chay.

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