Achievement unlocked: first bike commute in the snow

Today I said to hell with it and rode my bike to work, in spite of the weather (15ºF and snowing). One of my all time favorite things to do is snowboarding, so I really have no problem being out in the cold. Romping around in the snow all day long makes me feel like a big old kid.

The thing about bike commuting, though, is that I have to share the road with two ton death machines operated by humans in varying states of awareness and ability.

Sometimes I just have to get out there and do it. Yes it’s risky. Yes I’m putting my life in the hands of total strangers. But we do that every time we get out on the freeway. Nothing is certain. Today is a gift.


Fixing MacBook Pro External Display Sluggishness

I’ve been living with an annoying issue for awhile now, where everything feels slow and laggy when working on my MacBook Pro connected to an external display. I use a 2014 MacBook Pro, currently running OS X Yosemite 10.10.5, hooked up to a Dell P2715Q display.

Screenshot 2016-01-14 11.59.26Screenshot 2016-01-14 11.59.28The laptop is great, the display is great, but the lagginess in selecting text, switching windows, etc., was slowly driving me nuts. I’m on this computer for work 8+ hours per day, so any little UI friction becomes a big deal.

I finally broke down and did some deep googling and found this article, which explains that simply enabling “Increase contrast” in System Preferences > Accessibility fixes the issue. Lo and behold, checking that little box (which puts ugly dark outlines around buttons and things) totally fixed the problem. The responsiveness of the UI is like night and day. I even made a crappy little video to demonstrate..which I’m going to re-record because the original shows some code for my job that’s probably not a big deal, but don’t feel entirely comfortable making it public. Stand by…

Screenshot 2016-01-14 13.37.49

So, something to try if you’re in the same boat. Yes it’s annoying that I have to do this for my computer to work properly, but I’m more interested in getting back to work than bitching about Apple’s recent decline in software quality.

Hockey Date

We left the kids with Grandma and went to a local hockey game. The action on the ice was intense, and being there together was a great antidote to parental exhaustion.


The puck hit high on the glass just as we took this one.
Ice action
I’m always suprised at the kind of shots I can get with the iPhone
Lovely wifey watching the game
Yaaaaay that’s great!